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PMDC motor is made of Permanent Magnets and is known as Permanent Magnet DC MOTOR. In a PMDC Motor, perpetual magnets (situated in stator) give attractive field, rather than stator winding. The stator is typically produced using steel in round and hollow frame. PMDC Motor is broadly utilized where little power appraisals are required, e.g. in toys, Printing Machines, Computer Disk drives and so on. PMDC motor is mainly used in automobiles to operate windshield wipers and washers, to raise the lower windows, to drive blowers for heaters and air conditioners etc. PMDC motor is also used in computer drives. Permanent Magnet DC motor is also used in toy industries. get more info PMDC motor is used in electric toothbrushes, portable vacuum cleaners, food mixers. Permanent Magnet DC motor is also used in a portable electric tool such as drilling machines, hedge trimmers.

QUALITY CONTROL OF PMDC MOTOR ( Permanent Magnet DC motor)

Magnet Testing
Ultrasonic Flaw Detector
Armature Testing on Machine
Dynamometer Testing
Endurance Testing
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